Federal Government Discretely Funnels Money to Unpopular Supporters

Hot Air writes of an infuriating example of how deeply corruption is ingrained into Democratic culture, where the ends justify the means.  The post discusses how significant amounts of JP Morgan’s $13 billion settlement will be directed towards privately operated left-wing advocacy groups.  Our ideological opponents, those with views widely rejected by mainstream Americans, are discretely and massively funded by the government.

That’s the challenge for people who value freedom and individual rights. Whereas a philosophy of limited government may be better at creating prosperity, our idealogical opponents recognize that a philosophy of unlimited government and strategic wealth distribution is better for obtaining and retaining power.

What happens when the wealth that fuels their system runs out?  It reminds me of an old Soviet joke:

Vladek is waiting in line for groceries. After five minutes the manager comes out and tells the queue that there’s no meat left. After ten minutes he tells them that they’ve run out of eggs. After half an hour they’re told that there are no more vegetables. After an hour they’re told that all the bread has gone. When Vladek gets into the store after two hours he’s told to go home because there’s no food left. He starts cursing and is immediately confronted by a secret police agent who says:
‘You know, a few years ago we would have shot people like you: now go home.’
Vladek goes home and tells his wife about how the store ran out of food.
‘And you know what?’ he said, ‘I was lucky, they also ran out of bullets!’


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